Dick 1999

The year is 1972, and, like most high-school students, Betsy Jobs (Dunst) and Arlene Lorenzo (Williams) just want to have a good time. But when, during a class field trip to the White House, they cluelessly wander into a behind-closed-doors, top-secret shredding session, it's time to both wag the dog, and walk it. Seeking to uncover just how much the witless duo discovered, the Commander-In-Chief, appoints them "Official White House Dog Walkers," and it isn't long before the girls go from taking out Checkers to taking out Tricky Dick.

Nominated: Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical (Hedaya), 2000 Satellite Awards
DICK is more fun than you ever thought you'd have with Richard Nixon.
-- Rita Kempley, WASHINGTON POST
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Genres: Comedy

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