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What is Film Fresh?

There are so many exceptional films made throughout the world, all of them wanting to be seen!

The staff at Film Fresh is dedicated to helping people find great movies -- whatever that means to them -- whether it's a release from a major studio, a time-honored classic, a strange cult film, or a specialty film from another country. We want to help people refresh their relationship to film -- by providing a bit of the intimacy that people associate with the corner video store, encouraging chance encounters with new films that we feel our customers will grow to love.

Our social login will make it easier for you to trade recommendations with friends. Our blog provides our weekly insights on film, delivered straight to your inbox.

Besides helping you find great movies, we want to help you watch films wherever you choose. Besides our film store here at, we also have stores on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices, and on Facebook, too. Our films are available for both rental and purchase, on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and on Android devices. Our "ecosystem," as we say here in the office, is growing.

Please look around, use our Film Finder, watch a film or two. And if you like what you see, please tell your friends. As we all know, the best recommendations come from people we respect! And feel free to drop us a line, if you'd like, at!

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