Mar 2

One In Four Children Is Hungry

We're all waiting to see the effects of sequestration, the mandatory budget cuts of $85 billion enacted on March 1 because our elected leaders failed to compromise on what programs should be cut. President Obama warns the sequestration will hit hardest at the most vulnerable populations. With one in every four children already facing some sort of food shortage, it's devastating to think of what sequestration will bring to families facing hunger. 

That means now is the best time to think about that, and A PLACE AT THE TABLE, an award-winning documentary, considers the 50 million people in the United States who don't know where they'll find their next meal. This film opened March 1 in theaters, but it's not coming to every town so home viewers have now a great opportunity to learn more about this pressing social problem. What's uplifting about the film is that it addresses solutions as well as the problems.

A PLACE AT THE TABLE is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges, and features interviews with activist chef Tom Colicchio, sociologist Janet Poppendieck, author Raj Patel, Witness to Hunger's Mariana Chilton, plus other experts. The heart of the film rests in the three families struggling with food insecurity that directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush feature to show us that hunger in America is closer to our own homes than we realize.

Backing this effort is a comprehensive Website (the film and Website all produced by the same people who brought us FOOD, INC.) with easy steps for taking action, links for people who need food assistance, opportunities to help fight hunger. This is a powerful grassroots effort to fight the problems ordinary Americans are facing -- something we expect our elected officials to do rather than play politics and leaving town without preventing sequestration. We need food, jobs, and prosperity! Take action today.

A PLACE AT THE TABLE and FOOD, INC. both come from the same producers.