Most Valuable Players 2010

Across the USA, high school sports are regularly lavished with funding, publicity and scholarships, while theater departments struggle to put on the school musical hoping for some attention of their own. It's no different in the sports crazy Lehigh Valley, PA, except for the "Freddy Awards," a live television event that recognizes excellence in local high school musical theater. Illustrating that arts education encourages the same teamwork, camaraderie and confidence as sports, MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS follows three theater troupes on their creative journey to the elaborate award ceremony -- the "Super Bowl" of high school musical theater.  MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS demonstrates arts education in action, reminding us why the performing arts must remain vital in the lives of young people. In the face of shrinking budgets, schools and communities must band together to preserve and nurture arts education.

Won: Best Documentary, 2011 Nashville Film Festival; Best Documentary, 2012 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

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